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Welcome to Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucketwtf_tuts!

This community was spawned on a random whim, and thus, isn’t yet focused on a specific topic.

It all started with me making mean icons which made fun of icon tutorials such as the default icon you see here, and I thought that since I’m chattering about a community, why not make one, too. And voilá. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucketwtf_tuts was born.
Note: You do not have to credit Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucketwtf_tuts when you use a crappy tutorial!

What can be done here?
As of now, just about anything, actually. It was created just for fun, and I haven’t given things much thought yet. All I could offer are a few guidelines one might like to keep in mind when posting or joining, should you like to do so.

  • Definitely rants. Rants about ugly icons, rants about stupid community rules, rants about icon-makers and their stupid rules, and most definitely, rants about icon tutorials.
  • Posts about other types of tutorials and how-tos are welcome as well, of course. Just tell us (e.g.) where you found them, what they’re about, and why they sucks… or don’t suck.
  • Typos and grammatical errors in and on graphics are always fodder for rants, especially to all those English majors out there. =P
  • Graphics
  • Yep. ‘Cause graphics are fun. Especially the snarky kind, and those one would like to snark at.
  • You can post your own icons – whether new or old. It doesn’t matter if you’ve posted them in another community three months ago, as long as they are ‘on-topic.’
  • If you’ve seen a wallpaper/banner/avatar/non 100x100 icon/etc. that makes you think “wtf?!” then post away.
  • Because not everyone can bask in the luxury of high-speed internet, I’d ask you to put large images and more than three icons behind an lj-cut.
    If you don’t know how to do that, please go here.
  • Tags
  • If you’re posting icons, graphics, and tutorials you might like to share, then please tag them appropriately.
    icons if you’re posting icons.
    banners and graphics when you post banners and graphics.
    tutorial when you are posting a tutorial which you have made and would like to share with other icon makers.
    Do not tag tutorials you are bashing. Tagging all tuts would only confuse.

  • Q: I have this smashing new texture I’ve never used in any of my icons before. Can I post a tut on how to make my new icon? It’s really simple. It only consists of three layers!

    A: *headdesk* No.

    Posting Tutorials

    Yes. Rules for posting these.
    Partially, this is a ranting/snarking community, where people can get all that frustration about corny tutorials and ugly icons off their chests. So maybe you’d like to keep that in mind when you consider posting a tutorial here.
    If your tutorial consists of slapping layers upon layers of different colors on top of each other, merging them, and then using selective coloring on the icon (or doing something similar to this), then please think your decision to post over.
    If however, you tell your readers why you have chosen these or those colors in your selective coloring, and explain what all the other things you did to your icons do and how they work, then posting is fine. Photoshop & co. have so many options, and we are here to learn them.
    I don’t think I’m the only one would like to learn the “how” and “why” rather than having a simple guide on how to get a specific kind of icon (graphic or other).

    Does your tutorial really teach something new? Some technique that is seldom seen elsewhere here on LJ? If yes, then please feel free to post.
    Does your tutorial offer explanations on what you’ve done, how you’ve done what you’ve done, and/or why, then please feel free to post.

    If your tutorial is a guide on how to make a specific icon, then please consider posting over at one of the many other communities on LJ, such as
    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucketicon_tutorial,
    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucketicon_coloring or
    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucketiconmakeit.
    No offence meant.


  • You can post any kind of tutorial or how-to. Yes. But use your common sense, please. Don’t post things that are clearly illegal or perverted to the extreme. That means:
  • No hardcore porn how-tos.
  • No McGyver-ish tuts on how to make a bomb using backing powder, chewing gum and a bit of string, or anything of the sort.
    I don’t know why anyone would try to post something like that, but just make sure you don’t. If you do, you shall be i) be reported to the LJ-staff, and ii) be banned instantly. I don’t know how to do the latter yet, but that can be found out quickly. So be warned.
  • Flamming
  • Remember that you are bashing images, not their creators!!! You can make fun of graphics and tutorials and whatnot, but if you insult a fellow community member repeatedly, for whatever reason, you’ll be admonished, then banned.
  • If there’s an issue of this kind (or any other) you would like to discuss with me privately, then please drop a comment over here at my journal. Please be specific, and tell me that you are from this community, since I’m moderating more than just one.
    All comments at that post are screened.
  • Hotlinking
  • If you bash someone’s graphics, then upload them to your own image-hosting site before doing so. Bad enough that we’re making fun of their work. We don’t have to rob them of their bandwidth on top of everything else.

  • Looking for a tutorial?

  • Browse the tutorial tag
  • Browse the memories
  • Find tutorial via image
  • Find tutorial by a certain user (will be added as soon as others than myself start posting tutorials)

  • If you like the work I post here, you can post one of these buttons in your profile.
    Each of the buttons will take you to a post where you can download the variant you like.

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